Sync data offchain – onchain

Every time a user wallet generates data that needs to be synced onchain, the data is recorded under the offchain, at a certain time will sync to the onchain to synchronize the data into the contract. When syncing onchain, user's confirmation of GAS fee is required.

Data to sync include:

  • GEM reward from PVE, Duel, Daily Quest

  • EXP, Profit of 1 NFT Hero

  • Hero expires in case of postpaid rental or free Hero summoned from Shard Hero.

Users are required to sync data onchain in the following times:

  • User performs any action to interact with contract from MKP, for example: Buy, Rent, Sale, For Rent, Deposit GEM, Recall Hero, Revoke Hero, Cancel Order, Summon Hero...

  • At 0:00 UTC every Monday, the GAME client checks if the user's wallet has data under the offchain that needs to be synced to onchan or if it is required, the user must sync onchain.

  • User summons hero in Game

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