Normal Attack

After a certain amount of time, each Hero or Boss or Creep will automatically perform a basic attack. Basic attacks will automatically attack positions in the order of priority which is 2, 3, 1 or Mid, Top, Bot respectively. Therein, the time between 2 consecutive normal attacks is calculated by the formula:

T = 30 / X

We have:

  • T is the time between 2 consecutive attacks and X is the Hero's Attack Speed, including Item and other sources.

  • X reaches a maximum threshold of 60, which means that the player will have a maximum attack speed of 60, no matter how many Items they carry or how much attack speed increases.

During the duration of the Hero or Boss performing the Skill, the calculation of the normal attack time will be temporarily stopped until the Hero completes the animation of that Skill. This means that the implementation of the Skill will absolutely not affect the damage ability of Heroes or Bosses.

Damage of a normal attack will be calculated when passing through the following calculations:

  1. Check the opponent's Miss rate, if it occurs, the attack does no damage.

  2. Check the opponent's Block rate, if it occurs, the damage of the attack will be partially reduced by the Block value itself.

  3. Calculates damage reduced by Armor, where each Armor reduces the damage taken by 1%.

  4. The final value after calculating through steps 2 and 3 is the damage minus the opponent's HP, specifically:

DmgTaken = (DmgTotal – Block Dmg Reduction) * (1 – Armor Dmg Reduction / 100)

We have:

  • Each Armor corresponds to 1% of the excluded damage

  • Each Block corresponds to 1 damage excluded, all of which are accumulated from various sources from the Hero's Item, Skill, and Armor base stats itself.

Note: All basic attacks are calculated by the system, players will not be able to select a target for normal attacks. Basic attacks will not be performed if the Hero or Boss is in Disabled state due to the effects of Skills or Items.

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