2. “Health Initator” Formation

  • Eryk

  • Godwyn

  • Tigris

This formation increases damage resistance and prolongs the battle through the Eryk’s reducing damage taken, and taking advantage of Godwyn and Tigris' ults.

Godwyn will use her ult to create a shield that is immune to damage for a period of time, and at that time, Tigris perform his ulti on the enemy target, causing a loss of health for both. However, under the effect of Godwyn ult, Tigris will not take any damage and therefore, this combo can be used again whenever it is ready.

Finally, at the moment when the target almost runs out of HP, players can cast Eryk’s ulti on the target, if the target dies, this skill will heal and return Mana to Eryk, and the team isready to deal damage to the next target.

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