5. “Timeless Durable” Formation

  • Aprum

  • Kyla

  • Alva

This lineup focuses on Kyla and Alva's ability to sustain the game through their Ultis, which allows them to lull the entire enemy team and grant invisibility to the whole team. Combined in turn, we can make the opponents unable to attack for a period of time, very suitable for opponents with skills that are immune to damage or deal AoE damage.

The Tanker position belongs to Aprum as his 2nd skill reflects damage from enemies’ basic attacks, and his 1st skill increases Aprum’s HP, allowing him to sustain in battles. Kyla’s 2nd skill creates a protective ring and removes negative effects, very suitable for Aprum.

In addition, the stun from Alva also supports her teammates while the Kyla’s 1st ability also deals damage to the targets quite well.

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