Squad position

Each squad has 3 positions, and these 3 positions depend on the player's strategy. However, despite different strategies and different Heroes, a standard Formation always has 3 goals for 3 positions, specifically:

  • 1st Position: Mid - Tanker.

  • 2nd Position: Top - Nuker, Support

  • 3rd Position: Bot - Carry

Therein, the 3rd position is the main position to deal damage, and is the last position to be damaged by normal attacks. The 1st Position is the leading position in the squad, responsible for preventing damage, and the remaining position is to supplement, enhance or create auxiliary damage for the 3rd Position


The main damage dealer, this position is usually for Heroes with the skills that optimize damage, large damage and high attack speed, in order to achieve the highest damage ability for a period of time, also known as DPS (Damage per second). The higher the DPS, the better the damage rating.

In this position, Heroes often carry items that increase attack speed or increase attack rate (Critical Strike), or items that increase damage (DMG).


This position, in addition to supporting damage to the main position, also plays a role of making the opponent's target unable to attack, or unable to perform skills. Heroes in this position often possess skills with Status Effect such as stun (Stun), freeze (Frozen), lull (Sleep), silence (Silent), ban attack (Disarm) or simply reduce opponents’ defense abilities through Armor (Corruption) reduction comes with a fairly high amount of damage.

Also, the addition of items with similar effects or items that are beneficial for the whole team (Aura) is also suitable for the squad.

Supporter and Tanker

The position of supporting (Supporter) and damage taking(Tanker) are two positions that are almost indispensable in every squad. Players can customize these 2 positions according to the tendency to revive or take damage, thereby focusing on building Heroes that have the ability to increase healing, cast immortality, damage immunity, and remove any effects, damage taken, as well as the ability to counterattack or dodge.

Items that increase HP, Armor or additional items for the above elements are very suitable for Heroes placed in these 2 positions.

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