Instructions for playing Duel Battles

Overview Description of FOTA Duel Battles

  • FOTA Duel Battles is an event for all users using GEM Your bets against other opponents through battles.

  • All HeroNFTs of users entering Duel Battles mode will receive MAX LEVEL 25

Step 1 : Enter the Duel interface on the Lobby interface

Step 2 : At the Duel Battles interface, the user can choose the WAGER level you want to bet to find an opponent, then click the "FIND MATCH" button

Or players can create their own room and adjust the WAGER level corresponding to that room, so that other players must have the GEM level corresponding to the room's WAGER level.

Step 1: At the Duel Battles interface select the desired WAGER level, then click the "CREATE ROOM" button

Step 2: At the ROOM interface, click the “COPY ID ROOM” button to send it to your friends to join your ROOM.

For other players, when receiving the room ID, they can "PASTE" that room ID into the "JOIN ROOM" section in the Duel Battles interface.

After both enter the ROOM, both must click the "READY" button to make the match.

*** Note: -WAGER number is only recorded and paid to the match winner, after displaying the VICTORY notice -The actual amount of WAGER received after each match will be deducted by 10% of the room's total WAGER

User can review match history andREWARD in the section“HISTORY”

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