How to play Campaign Mode (PvE)

Step 1: After opening the game, at the Lobby interface select "Campaign"

Step 2: In the "Campaign" interface, select the land you want to challenge in order

  • The Earth

  • The Nightmare

  • The Greenland

There are a total of 30 lands (FOTAlands) equivalent to 30 missions and each mission has 5 Submissions

Step 3: To pass Campaign mode, players need to have at least 3 heroesNFT squad

  • Players need to win through each Submission 1 to 4 to have the right to play at the highest submission which is “The Ascent”. In Submission, players can get GOLD rewards after finishing the match

“The Ascent” is the only Submission that requires energy to play and when won, GEM and EXP will be added.

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