Guide to Hiring HeroNFT

***Consists of 2 parts: Prepaid and Postpaid

Prepaid Rent:

The prepaid hero is the hero that the user is authorized to use --> so this hero will be displayed in the Hero list in the User's "FORMATION"

For hired heroes will display more information including:

  • Information to distinguish a rented Hero from a owned hero" Show Icon on the left corner of Hero

  • Show remaining Hero's time rental information in hero detail

Users can see information about heroesNFT they are renting or owning in the "INVENTORY" section

To make the first rental, the player needs to perform the following steps: Step 1: LOG-IN to MarketPlace


Step 4: In the heroNFT interface will display all the information of that hero, you select the button“FOR RENT” to proceed with the rental

Step 5: fill in information for Rent

Step 6 : Confirm on MetaMask and complete the rental

Postpaid Rent:

Overview Description Hire a Postpaid Hero

  • Players must choose the purpose of playing Campaign [ Self-acceptance / Split with the lessor] by touching select button then touch Enter Battle --> Formation screen

"SELECT" mode

  • If you select "SELECT", touch select mode "YOUR HERO" -> Touch Enter Battle -> [Formation] Display the list of Hero of that User

  • Prepaid Hero (if any)

Step 1: At the Mission Select interface, select "YOUR HERO"

Step 2: Select your User lineup for rent

Mode "Eat according to the contract"

  • If you choose to share, then touch select Split contract -> Touch Enter Battle -> [Formation] Display the list of rented Hero according to that owner's set

Step 1 : In the Select Mission User interface, you can select the current Hero list contractrent

Step 2 : After Hiring a squad according to the desired contract, the user can check in the "FORMATION" section here, there can be enough contract information such as The master list information includes:

- Owner Name:Get the username of heroes rental wallet

- List of Contracts on each Owner (Group by Owner ID)

+ Contract ID

+ Lease period: Show contract expiration date

+ Share ratio:

+ Hero List + Level

+ Energy of each Hero

** Default is always Eat alone or Contract is currently selected

** The split list is shown through the hidden menu, the player's touch selects it to display and can be hidden

Bring HERO NFT to MarketPlace and create a Lease

Step 1: LOG-IN to MarketPlace

Step 2: Go to "MY ACCOUNT” > HERO > POSTPAID REND , here the user can choose 3 heroesNFT to form a rental squad.

Step 3: After selecting, the user clicks the “CREATE A RENTAL ORDER”

Step 4: In the interface select the desired % division mode and the number of days for rent

Step 5: Confirm on MetaMask contract creation completed

To check the current lineup for Hire, users can go to:INVENTORY > ON MARKETPLACE

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