Stats are the basic indexes of Hero, Boss and Creep (collectively called Entity). These stats participate and significantly influence the selection and decision to add Hero to each player's battle lineup, depending on the gameplay that person is aiming for. Each Entity in FOTA 2 has basic stats, and these basic stats are listed below:

  • HP: Stamina, also known as health points, when health returns to 0, Entities will die. HP Regen: The ability to regenerate HP, calculated by the number of HP recovered per second.

  • MP: also known as mana, when the mana is not enough with the required amount described in the Skill, the Skill will not be available to perform. Some skills can be performed without mana.

  • MP Regen: The ability to restore magic power, calculated by the amount of magic recovered per second.

  • AS: Attack Speed, is a measure of the time between 2 consecutive basic attacks.

  • DMG: Damage, is the damage dealt to the opponent via a basic attack.

  • Armor: is the ability to defend against enemy attacks.

Items and Skills can both change these basic stats through the system's calculation process, at a certain point of time, over a period of time, or throughout the course of a match depending on the impact. and the features that the Item or Skill brings, specifically:

  • With DMG, 1 DMG equals 1 HP.

  • With AS, the time between 2 consecutive basic attacks is 30 divided by AS

  • With Armor, 1 Armor is equivalent to 1% of the reduced damage.

The best way to increase the base stats is to equip more items and raise the level of each Hero through battles.

Because when Heroes level up, the basic stats are increased, the additional stats will be different depending on the characteristics of each Hero.

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