“All can be a force for good, it’s just we don't see the best in them.”


Kyla was a petite and girlish dragon, born with a small body. She and Zel were best friends, soulmates destined to be together. Before transforming into a hideous cobra, Zel had grown up with Kyla in an elder tree on the slope of Jade Dragon Mountain. They both loved exploring new horizons, and everything in the world was exciting for them. When Zel was banished from the Dragon world, only Kyla sympathized with him. She believed that violence never led to anything good, and that good things would come if she could bring her old friend back to The Greenland with his true form that God had given him - the immortal Dragon.

Kyla may have been petite in size, but her inner healing magic was formidable. Kyla was the one who used Zel's notes to transform Magic Lake into a mystical haven for the Greenlands. Kyla is the name the gods chose to give the magical school that trains magicians, the Mage Academy, in Kyla's home in Magic Land. During the Darkmoon War, Kyla travels to the most treacherous regions of Middle-earth with the devoted people of the realm in search of the legendary Golden Crown.

⚜️ Race: Dragon

⚜️ Class: Mage

Skill 1: Crescent Moon

KYLA releases an energy source from the New Moon that deals damage to all enemy units in the area.

Skill 2: Cleansing Ring

KYLA creates a Magic Ring that removes one ally's debuffs and resists all enemy skills for a short period.

Skill 3: Lullaby Tempest

The wind from Kyla's wings creates a Sacred Lullaby, putting all enemies to sleep.

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