8. “Nightmare Lullaby” Formation

  • Kekor

  • Kyla

  • Ciara

This squad, although not dealing too much damage, is highly mobile, with Kyla creating a magic circle to protect allies and remove negative effects, plus Kekor's passive 2nd skill healing HP through basic attacks and 1st skill blocking 1 target’s basic attacks.

In addition, Kekor will have a chance to respawn once upon death. With this feature, Kekor will play in the Tanker position, and Kyla will play in the Nuker/Supporter position. The finishing position will belong to Ciara, with the ability to remove mana through basic attacks, and a finishing ulti based on the opponent's mana loss.

This squad is very strong for PVP but it will be relatively difficult in PVE because the initial target has no skills and mana.

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