3. “Spell Amplifier” Formation

  • Cyril

  • Godwyn

  • Malhela

This formation increases magic damage through Cyril and Malhela, and maintains Cyril's resistance with Godwyn's healing.

Cyril will be the Tanker, with the passive skill allowing Cyril to be able to dodge normal attacks with a high rate, and his 1st skill will give a relatively large amount of damage, increasing with the basic damage for Cyril when being hit.

The increased damage will also be added to Cyril's ult, allowing maximum damage to 3 targets many times over the current damage.

Then, for maximum effect, Malhela’s 2nd skill marks a target and make them take damage caused by other Heroes' skills by a significant percentage.

Finally, in order to maintain Cyril's Tanker position, due to receiving damage over time, Godwyn's Skil 1 provides a steady recovery of health. Not to mention Godwyn's ult for damage immunity and Malhela's ult that silences all targets, contributing to prolonging and protecting the whole squad if the enemy deals AoE damage.

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