4. “Magic Burst” Formation

  • Grimm

  • Zel

  • Gideon

This squad focuses on dealing massive magic damage to knock down the enemy as quickly as possible based on the huge amount of damage from Grimm, Gideon and increasing resistance based on Zel’s first two abilities.

Grimm will be the Tanker with a passive skill that allows a large amount of health to be restored each time an opponent is defeated. In particular, Zel's 1st skill reduces the attack speed of all enemy targets with a very stable rate, contributing to reducing the attack power caused on Grimm.

The main damage dealer will be Gideon and the supporting nuker is Zel, with Zel’s ult dealing quite a lot of damage, eliminating the enemies’ ability to use items and skills, because all Gideon's skills deal damage great damage with fast cooldown. Therefore, Gideon combined with Grimm's 1st skill and Zel's Ulti is perfect.

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