FOTA 2 interface

After logging in to the game, players will be familiar with the familiar Lobby interface

In the Lobby interface, there will be functions

  1. Account information: avatar - wallet address- Rank FOTA 2 seasons. Clicking on the avatar will change the avatar that the player wants

  1. Gem,Soul Stone, Gold: the currency of FOTA 2 that can be collected during the game experience

  1. Game function/activity buttons

  1. Campaign, Duel, FOTA SEASON feature system

  1. Player's heroNFT information interface

  1. Player's match history, where players can track and review their battles, including Campaign, Seasons and Duel features

  1. Training feature, squad experience. At this feature, players can freely experience all heroNFT and21 COMMON items

  1. Daily Quest: The system announces daily tasks for players, work hard to complete tasks every day to receive more profit

9. Shop: Show GEM Shop, Chest Shop, Summon Hero and Marletplace Link

10. Inventory: Displays Heroes that you currently own, are trading, or renting on MKP and are renting…

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