Overview of FOTA 2
The FOTA 2 universe is made up of three different realms, linked by portals built by the earliest and most ancient civilizations. The realms are inhabited by different races.
  • The Greenland, the land of Eternity, inhabited by races bearing the blood of the gods and inhabited by legendary dragons.
  • The Earth, where the foundation and brilliant development of the Ultimate Civilization were laid. The races of Humans, Elves, and Keen beings live together in harmony, under the protection and blessings of the Omni demigods.
  • And finally, the Nightmare, where the Dark Night dwells, a barren, cold and hidden land filled with dark curses. Here, the most dangerous and evil enemies from the Demon races, Ogres and hideous Beast beasts are quietly rising, with a huge conspiracy.
Words of FOTA
Realizing the dark force is growing, according to ancient prophecy, the demigods use their blood and lives to summon heroes from other dimensions to the FOTA 2 universe and ask them to rescue all three realms from the approaching catastrophe. They give the heroes a mission, to find companions and go through all the ancient ruins in the three realms to collect the fragments of the relic, so that they can erase the Dark Night in the Nightmare and protect the Earth and the Greenland from bloodthirsty Demons.
And those saviors are you, who will take on the task of collecting relics, and summoning heroes from different races across all three realms on your journey.
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